Inklings: a tumblelog

Looking 4 That Girl

Russell talks a lot of sense about the US Republican Party

An Audioblogging Manifesto

Maciej Ceglowski sums up my irritation at having to download a fucking MP3 so I could discover what was happening when closed down (MP3)

Learning Computer Science

I pretty much agree with everything in this.

The Solitaire Encryption Algorithm

Sweet mother, is this cool!

Objects vs. Closures... kinda...

IE6 Peek-a-boo bug

This plagued my last design, and it’s causing me a world of pain with one I’m doing for work.

IE5 Mac rendering bugs

Position Is Everything: Modern browser bugs explained in detail.

Rheolism: Tetris in one line of BBC BASIC

No to software patents in Europe!

Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

I was planning something like this, though nowhere near as ambitious, as my first attempt at flash, but no need now!

Imperial President: Opposing Bush becomes unpatriotic.

TDB: Trivial DataBase

A rather nifty DBM-esque library refactored from Samba.

What if Bush wins?

Well Styled: Color schemes generator 2

JSmooth (jar to exe wrapper)

Google Code Jam 2004

JavaScript Packer


IE JavaScript hacks to stop IE5/6 from being quite so braindead

Political vs. Economic Capitalism


Hot Girls, Frisky Delegates: RNC Diary of a Strip-Club Waitress

The Issue Is Empire

National Center for Science Education

Afflicting the Comfortable

Online Lorem Ipsum Generator

Page Weight Checker

Bush: "our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over."

The Onion in an oddly precient mood…

AdBlock for Firefox


Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp

The Science of Word Recognition

Overcoming Writer's Block

Pocket-sized Design: CSS and HTML on handheld devices

PubSub Developer's Resources

Martin Fowler on Closures

The Io Programming Language


Functional Objects: Dylan for Windows

Interpret Source Statements at Runtime & Expose Your App's Object Model with the Script Control

How to give and receive criticism

I know a client who could really do with reading this.

Bush's Greatness


The Power of the Glow

… vs. The Truth!

Python DAO interface class


A WYSIWYG editor that generates well-formed XHTML.

Tcl for Web Nerds

Where I learned Tcl.

David Shorten

Went to college with this dude.

The futility of arguing with paid advocates

"Moodle is a course management system"

Tickler Files

43 folders (12 months, 31 days) to organise everything. Genius.

Report on Yukon Native Languages

The US Republican approach to dissent

RSS Bandwidth Usage: making RSS scale

HTTP Best Practices

JavaScript Decoder

See the JavaScript Packer earlier

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?

On Writing

Design for Usability: APIs

Rands Management Glossary

Sonic The Hedgehog in Flash

Incrementalists and Completionists

German state broadcaster offers news in Klingon - it's not just Google anymore...

Implement Bayesian inference using PHP

Bank gives beggars phones instead of cash

The Village: Building a sustainable community

Schwartznegger bans necrophilia

Whoa! I never thought I’d be writing that! You mean, it wasn’t already illegal? I feel safer already. There goes Cher’s sex life anyway…

Venn diagram of English verb patterns.

PwC: software patents threat to Europe

JScript, DNA, and Mad Cow Disease

Eric Lippert on Quines

Cheney is a dick: A phrase that heals all wounds :-)

The PNG problem in Windows Internet Explorer

Understanding the Psychology of Programming

This Old Blog, Part I

I might integrate some of the ideas from this into my own engine.

Reverse engineer MS Access/Jet databases

MySQL Gotchas

How the "liberal" media fails to hold Bush accountable


N: play as a ninja trapped in a world of well-meaning, inadvertantly homicidal robots.

Online music store tells how to get rid of DRM

FNAC rock!


Matching names to ethnic groups regardless, it’s nice to see so many irish names in there :-)

Russell's Unproven Yet Seemingly Obvious Number One Rule For Web Based Services: Don't launch without a way of making money.

Amazon's A9

Outgoogles Google.

K9: Spam Filter

Le futur c'est Jabber

Je suis desolĂ© : c’est en français.

Groovy and

UI Patterns and Techniques

YoungPup's DHTML Drag 'n Drop Library

Squares 2


Windows (2000 and onwards at least) has a built-in grep! Surely a hidden gem.

Schwartzian Transform

Their beliefs are bonkers, but they are at the heart of power

EFF asks US court to ditch vague patents

The Gift that Wounds?

How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement.

The BBC's Dirac Open Video Codec

What "Ownership Society"?

Coral: The New York University Distribution Network

The Official God FAQ

TechGame Framework for Python

Pingback 1.0

If America were Iraq, What would it be Like?

Putting yourself in the other guy’s shoes. Sobering.

CSS Tricks in Both Dimensions

I want my code blocks

Pining for Aspects and/or Closures in Python

Bush's flip-flops documented

I’ve never got why Kerry gets such a hard wrap on this. He and Bush are human, and will flip-flop. What Lord Keynes said, and all that.

Blogging your bliss, or blog like there's nobody there.

Good advice, most definitely.

The Rise of Pseudo Fascism Part 1: The Morphing of the Conservative Movement

Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis

The Reform Movement

The descendents of the sane, Redmondite side of Irish Unionism.

Mark Shuttleworth

Possibly the coolest guy in South Africa: check out the software bounties page.


Oh my! It seems the loons have finally taken over in the US

PHP/SWF Charts

One word: wow.

World Atlas of Language Structures

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

We Lied To You

The computer industry fesses up to the music and film industy that DRM just doesn’t work and that it was all just a ruse to stomp them. (Humour)

The "This Page Intentionally Left Blank" Project

Python Bibliotheca

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

A Flash version of the Infocom classic up on the BBC website. Brings back memories…

MS fires armour-piercing suit at 'bullet-proof' spam host

And strange as it may sound to some people coming from me, but Go Microsoft!

Software patents directive delayed, again

With any luck, this’ll help the anti-patents groups.

HTMLArea - The Online Editor

A free online WYSIWYG HTML editor. It doesn’t support standards, but it might be retrofittable to do so.


It’s a wiki engine, and it’s all JavaScript: what more can I say?

The travesty of "Introducing Python"

I downloaded this last night to take a look. It was embarrassing. I don’t know what was worse: the acting, the beards, or Guido’s haircut. As a pythonista, I’m ashamed.

GMail Notifier for Firefox

I’ve been using this for a while and thought I’d throw up a link. It’s excellent.

Infocom games playable via telnet

Download Zork I, II, and III

Go on! It’s fun! And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia.

Boffo Games, Inc.

Steve Meretzky’s adventure game company.

Reminiscences on the History of Time Sharing by John McCarthy

Graham Nelson's Inform and all things Z-Code Site

Milky Way has a caramel centre ;-)

And if you don’t get that, then you don’t eat Irish/UK sweets.

The biggest Free Shell list on the net

The World Website in the World

Good Bad Attitude

An excerpt from Paul Graham’s “Hackers and Painters” on why hackers dislike the IP laws, and unruliness is good.

One Word

Given a word, a random word, what can you write in sixty seconds? Try it.

Microsoft Says Buy New Windows or Be Unsafe

So, MS still says IE7 is only going to be available to XP users. Hey kids! Can you say M-O-N-O-P-O-L-Y? Yet another good reason to change to just about any other modern browser, if not another OS.

Jewel Heist in the Louvre!

That’s in french, but the gist is that the thieves stole two diamonds, worth EUR6mil and EUR5.5mil each, between 3pm and 3:15.

Why your code sucks

An examination of how code can suck, and why.

Dubya Channels Calvin, or Vice Versa

A great Calvin and Hobbes ‘toon on Crooked Timber

Well-formed Web Namespace Elements

The comments API and comments RSS stuff might come in useful.

Breadth is sometimes better than depth

Eric Lippert explores the benefits of doing breath-first searches rather than depth-first, and points out their relationship with queues and stack.

"Internet is dying!", screams guru.

BT Exact boffin (sniff sniff, is that bias I smell?) Graham Whitehead complains the Inturweb is dying ‘cause it’s dumb and flexible rather than smart and rigid (phone system, anybody?) so people and do stuff with it and corporations can’t control it. Aw!

Shitty Bum

Interesting music video. Song’s pretty funky too.

Wicked Weasel Girls


Firefox breaking page

Which is, um, a bit broken itself.

Manifestos a-go-go. Blurb: ChangeThis is creating a new kind of media. A form of media that uses existing tools (like PDFs, blogs and the web) to challenge the way ideas are created and spread.

Technorati Profile

Just ignore that link, ok? It’s maintainence work.

Parallels between the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the US invasion of Iraq

Army was against it, seen as liberation project, world protested it, caused economic stress at home, etc., etc.

Rete Networks and Tuple Spaces

NASA World Wind

Check out and zoom in on any part of the world in real time. Pretty cool!

Common Function Library Project: An attempt to build a repository of useful ColdFusion UDFs.

Celtiberian Sample Text

The language geek in me just couldn’t help it!

Session Tracking by ETag/If-None-Match fields

Spooky is right!

Subway is a Source Code Control Provider for Subversion

When this is mature, it should remove certain people’s excuses for not using version control.

Dispelling anti-Subversion FUD

Pushok SVN SCC proxy

Like Subway, but it’s still more mature and commercial.


A cross-platform SVN GUI client.


A VS.NET addin for SVN.


An Eclipse plugin that adds Subversion integration to the Eclipse IDE. SCC stuff

Subversion SCC provider: not available for download yet, but might end up being good.


SVNScc is an SCC Provider that works with programs the use the MS Source Code Control API.

Use of WebDAV in Subversion


Like the PushOk SVN SCC proxy, but free for download

An aggregator in 40 lines of Python

Fronier 10

Its first OpenSource release, I think.

Google goes and does something evil: "Assumes the position" for the Chinese government

I’m heartbroken, really. This is a bad, bad day.

Legalizing Torture

But then, that’s nowhere near as bad as the Republicans in the US congress attempting to legalise torture in a roundabout way through Extraordinary Rendition.

Commodore 32! The World's First Interactive Fiction Standalone Z-Machine

Oooh! I’d enter this if my Inform wasn’t so rusty. I’d even order a copy of the Inform Designer’s Manual if I could get everything done for it in time.

Making Your Content Management System Work for You: An Interview with Jeffrey Veen

"What the Bubble Got Right" by Paul Graham

Another excellent essay. What more can I say?

Genocide and Juice

You know, it’s this same kind of hate that lead to the Holocaust.

Education and Terror

Kieran at Crooked Timber has more important things to say on the Horsefeathers letter. Rightwingers should read what he writes: the perspective of a thinking Irishman would be enlightening. We has something called the Troubles here, you know.

Why languages should have 'unless' and 'if'

I feel no shame in sounding sad: I agree wholly with Charles. It’s just nice to write nice, sunny conditionals. The code just reads better with them. After all, Perl has to have at least one redeeming feature…

Button Maker

I’ve been looking for this for ages.

Virgin Galactic

Mayhem's Magic Dust

One of my favourite C-64 games ever (and a finer platformer you won’t find) makes its merry way onto a mobile phone near you!

If you’re of even slightly conservative or squeamish, DO NOT FOLLOW THAT LINK! But if you’re willing to subject yourself to what I can only describe as Jackass, but about sex, and actually funny, then follow!

Shell scripts in 20 pages

I think I found and passed this on to Brietta a while back. Can’t remember. But I’m logging it anyway.