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PLA20V8: The Commodore 64 PLA that you can build yourself

The Commodore 64 is a computer that refuses to die and decades after its introduction, its community is still going strong. Many computers still work fine, in contrast to generations of computers that came after it, and died too soon, Commodore 64 hardware is often in good shape. But that doesn’t mean that these computers never fail, and repairing them is a common activity in the community. If you work with Commodore 64 hardware, you will know that a broken PLA is one of the most common defects. Especially PLAs that were produced in the years 1983 and 1984.

Go Modules Cheat Sheet

Well, this filled in a bunch of random gaps in my understanding!

Pasmo, a portable Z80 cross-assembler

Recreating the Jupiter Ace

It’d been buzzing around my head to make something like this a long-term project, so I could build something cool, and also learn more about PLDs and the like, but it seems somebody’s already done that in the form of the Jupiter-II (which has an expansion board that adds lots of nice things). Downside is that his design uses lots of surface-mount parts, which I wouldn’t even have remotely the skill to solder.


Seems like a reasonable alternative to Tarsnap in cases where it’s not practical. Mind you, the author still considers it alpha quality software.

Rust Language Cheat Sheet


Fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API

If it even happens I need something like React, this seems like a decent alternative.

Mind you, it’s only 3kB if it’s compressed: the actual module is around 10kB.

Inside the HP Nanoprocessor: a high-speed processor that can't even add

An odd bit of hardware I’d never heard of. It was contemporary of the 8008 and 6800, but had some very quirky design features that allowed it to be manufactured at a fraction of the cost. It’s use at the time seems to have mainly been in embedded systems and special purpose hardware.

How to be miserable for the rest of your life

HOME - Resonance

Wyspa - Piotr Kuciapski

So, this is stupidly good!

Seeeduino XIAO

Interesting Arduino-like board. Particularly nice is that it has a USB3 port, and is about the size of a postage stamp.

Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

Protect domains that don’t send email

While I’ve been setting up SPF records like this, it’s never occurred to me that domains with an appropriate SPF record might also need DMARC and DKIM records to go along with it. I’ll be setting that up.

C64 Saver 2

The C64 Saver 2 is an open-source project intended to make overvoltage protection available and easy to make for anyone interested in using the old Commodore power brick together with the C64. The power brick is 20-30 years old and it is known for failure with overvoltage. This is caused sometimes because of broken solder joints on the regulator or the regulator itself failing.

I’ve pretty much always had an aftermarket brick for my C64, as the original died a few years after I got my original. I don’t think I should trust the almost three decade old replacement brick, so if I power up my C64 again, I’d like to build something like this to put in line between it and the brick.


Pikchr (pronounced “picture”) is a PIC-like markup language for diagrams in technical documentation. Pikchr is designed to be embedded in fenced code blocks of Markdown or similar mechanisms of other documentation markup languages.

Handles are the better pointers

Minotaur Shock - Ocean Swell

Minotaur Shock - Luck Shield

The song really kicks off properly at around 1m in.

You don't need more than one cursor in Vim

Petri Nets Are Monoids

Event-Driven Architecture

Linux containers in 500 lines of code

I'm not feeling the async pressure

Strategies for Working with Message Queues

A Thought Experiment: Using the ECS Pattern Outside of Game Engines

Backpressure explained — the resisted flow of data through software

I test in prod

Testing in production is a superpower. It’s our inability to acknowledge it that’s the trouble.

TDEE Calculator

Exploring x509 by creating a toy PKI

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations

RISC OS ROMs for RiscPC/A7000

I’m slightly surprised the A7000 is still supported!

Risc PC, A7000 and A7000+ CMOS rechargeable battery replacement

I have an Acorn A7000 to fix. The CMOS battery has leaked horribly and, even if it hadn’t, it needs to be replaced.

The Sound of 1-bit: Technical Constraint and Musical Creativity on the 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Tim Follin - “Chronos" (ZX Spectrum 48k)

That’s being played through a piezoelectric buzzer that’s being rapidly flipped on and off to do pulse width modulation. But that’s not the clever bit: the clever bit is how the different tracks are being mixed together.

Commodore 64 switched PSU

I haven’t turned mine on in years, and the stories I’ve heard of it frying people’s machines gives me pause. This is meant to be a very good replacement though, and not too bad pricewise.

Lusine - Just A Cloud

Blanck Mass - Dead Format

That bass line’s a chonky boi!

Twitter launches new API as it tries to make amends with third-party developers

I don’t use Twitter anymore, aside from the odd semi-automated tweet, but if I were, I still wouldn’t trust them not to screw this up again.

Bret Victor: The Future of Programming