Inklings: a tumblelog

The Conceptual Underpinnings of JotSpot

sfsexp - the small, fast s-expression library


A decentralised version control system written in Haskell

Marry an American!

Save american liberals from four more years of cowboy conservatism!


A rather excellent laucher for Windows. It’s rather a lot like LaunchBar and Quicksilver on the Mac. If I’d a credit card, I’d buy it.

Questionable Content

A brilliant webcomic I’m after finding. It follows the adventures of an indie kid, his flatmate, and his robot.


FireDaemon is a utility that allows you to install and run virtually any native Win32 application or script (eg. BAT/CMD, Perl, Java, Python, TCL/TK) as a Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 & Longhorn service.

iCalendar Specification Excerpts

All the useful stuff from the specification, and enough get yourself up and running if you’re writing software that uses it.

Windows Management Instrumentation Tasks for Scripts and Applications

The Economist: Make it simple

The next thing in technology, says Andreas Kluth, is not just big but truly huge: the conquest of complexity.

Kerry concedes.


Kerry's concession speech

The man bows out with great grace.

SVN Service Wrapper for Windows

Trusting a Chaotic Future

Uncollapsing Margins

Canada 2.0


An old bookmark I thought I should throw up. It’s a set of very powerful, scriptable, yet easy-to-use graph drawing tools.

The War against Crap Grafitti

US Election 2004 Results

A more honest map showing what the vote distribution for the election was. It’s better than the stark red/blue by state/county ones being used. But remember population distribution.

State Votes vs State Average IQ in the US Election

So it was the idiots who voted for Bush. ;-) Note: This is meant in a joking manner: the data uses income as a proxy for IQ. While that isn’t altogether unreasonable, it’s not entirely accurate either, so caveat lector and all that.


Sophie Wilson

One of my heroes from my RISC OS days. Sophie rocks!

Re: A concise description of Ruby?

Proof that JavaScript is one of the world’s most underrated languages and that it can be as elegant as Ruby.

The Optimism of Uncertainty by Howard Zinn

Revolutionary change does not come as one cataclysmic moment (beware of such moments!) but as an endless succession of surprises, moving zigzag toward a more decent society. We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

This is the whole point behind progressivism. While we may never achieve the great heights we might aim towards, it’s the act of trying, and looking to make those improvements to the human condition that count. And many individuals independantly acting likewise can do it.

Parecon: The Participatory Economics Project

Sun release the source code of their Java VM under the Java Research License

Koders: A search engine for source code.


A simple task and project manager written completely in Excel macros. And it’s free!

huh?Corp: eConsulting Solutions for the eWorld



TupleSpace niceness:

ActiveSpace is a simple to use yet powerful toolkit for building distributed systems in a SEDA like way while reusing powerful messaging middleware and transactional and clustered caching via JCache.

Blog Torrent

Java Programming Notes

Transparent Inversion of Control

Overcoming Procrastination

SQL-Server-Performance.Com: Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization

The Urban Archipegalo ...or... It's the Cities, Stupid!

An angry call for the US Democratic Party to embrace what they truly are: an urban party.

Powell Resigns as US Secretary of State

Oh, dear.

Sun to give away Solaris for nothing.

The Year of the Sheep

So, is this me?

Ireland named "best place to live in the world".

There you go: definitive proof that the whole world sucks. And I’m not complementing Ireland when I say that.

Google says competition will dampen growth

Investors have reacted negatively to Google’s announcement that its growth rate is not sustainable, as competition grows in the internet search engine sector.

Well, duh! What did they expect?

What's the crack?

John Waters and Joseph O’Connor refute that stupid Economist article that said Ireland was the best place to live in the world.


The motherlode indeed!

Lung Vaccuuming

Reboot your lungs.

"You Are Nothing Without Your Robot Car"

Anfal: The Kurdish Genocide in Iraq

Linus Torvalds, Michael Widenius and Rasmus Lerdorf say No to patents in Europe


How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

Myself, Mick, and some of the others discovered a lot of this pretty soon after CIT started using WebSense to filter stuff. It was a lot less hassle than going to the Academic Council and asking them to unblock blocked yet academically valid websites we needed access to.

More Performance Tidbits for library writers

"Made in USA" by Paul Graham

Hack your way out of writer's block

RDF and Databases

Language Miniatures

Mini-essays about human language in its endless kaleidoscope of aspects, such as the social, the mental, the historical, the structural.

On Search: Sorting Result Lists

Simple things you can do with the ShellExecuteEx function

How to Argue

How income tax is calculated in Ireland.

Raise Your Hand If You're Sick Of Hearing "Old Europe" and "New Europe"

Wingnut Debate Dictionary

I admit: I laughed my ass off.

The Supervision

I’d one–the older model on the right–of these! But the screen died on me, and I couldn’t get it fixed. :-( I’d love to pick up one again if I could.

St. Expeditus: The (Unofficial) Patron Saint of Geeks

Some cool new stuff in JSP 2.

Hmmm… it looks as though it might not suck quite so much now.

GoFish: a digital media (songs, video, &c.) search engine

Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle