Inklings: a tumblelog

The Unix Power Classic: A book about the Unix Way and its power

John Cowan’s nascent hacker translation of the Tao Te Ching

Adobe release the Adobe Source Libraries

This is one of the more interesting projects released by a commercial company. It’s not a product, it a declarative presentation system and layout engine. At first look, it seems rather clever: it allows you to build interfaces cleanly in a wholly declarative manner. Follow the via link to LtU and read that. All I can say is wow.

Giant Steps

A flash animation set to the music of John Coltrane.

Clearing floats with the "overflow" property.

Wow, that’s surprisingly uncomplicated. It’s much simpler than the old method I’d been using.

Phosophor Alpha 4

A 3D FPS technology demo written with Shockwave. Really quite impressive.

HTML Validator Firefox/Mozilla Extension

It’s based on Dave Raggitt’s HTML Tidy, and it’s quite nifty. It plonks a small icon down on your message bar that shows whether the page validates or not. And it can clean up the code too!

Protothreads: lightweight, stackless threads in C

This sounds like some of the stuff I wrote when I wrote that OS for MEMS as part of my college work experience. Maybe there’s some differences, but they’re not entirely obvious. Mentions Simon Tatham’s coroutine article.

Ireland sneaks data retention into law

That fascistic little weaselshit (and I don’t use those words lightly) of a Justice Minister, Michael McDowell, is at it again. “Progressive Democrats, a liberal party”? My arse.

Secure Password Generator

Kinda useful.

"Why Societies Need Dissent" by Cass Sunstein

I’m thinking of getting this. It’s a summary of research on group behaviour and I’ve heard good things about it.

Bill de hÓra publishes HTTPLR draft-01

He describes some of the improvements made to it based on feedback from the first public draft, and explains some of the background and rationale behind the design.

Microsoft to come out with six new webfonts

They mostly look pretty good even if they’re far from outstanding and are a little bit cookiecutter, though Consolas is quite nice.

OCaml vs. C++ for Dynamic Programming

A decent thread on /.? Surely this is a sign of the coming apocalypse… ;-)


A set of bindings for wxWidgets for O’Caml



FunForth (short for Functional Forth) implements some simplified aspects of the Haskell language, in particular, abstract data types and pattern matching.

Terribly elegant.


Rob Rohan’s JavaScript library. Lots of neat stuff in there.

Continuations on the Web

Om mani padme hum… ;-)

An Introduction to Modadic I/O (PDF)

A ridiculously good and clear introduction to a subject that puzzles many. Mikael Brockman: the guy’s smart alright.

Kirsten Dunst Gallery

This is traditionally the point where I’m supposed to defend the fact that I think she’s cute, but I really can’t be bothered.


Model-Glue helps you build Object-Oriented ColdFusion applications based on the Model View Controller pattern. It’s designed to be easy to use and play well with others, like Tartan.

JavaScript Breakpoints


A rather interesting wee tool that lets you grab data off of DVDs and CDs that are misbehaving. That includes ‘copy protected’ discs. I could use this for getting some valuable personal data of a backup DVD that started misbehaving. Note to self: always make two identical backups.

Scalable Lock-free Dynamic Memory Allocation (PDF)

A fast, lock-free implementation of malloc().

Python, FastCGI, WSGI, and lighttpd

Quitting the Paint Factory: On the Virtues of Idleness

Can’t remember where I got this one.

The Slate Programming Language

Slate is a prototype-based object-oriented programming language based on Self, CLOS, and Smalltalk-80.

Something from the TUNES Project that isn’t vapourware. And it looks pretty cool too.

Drag-and-drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

Mozilla and Safari/Konq only right now.

The Art of Flame War

A completely mistitled, but informative guide to arguing effectively in the real world.

Writing, Briefly

A lot of people ask for advice about writing. How important is it to write well, and how can one write better? In the process of answering one, I accidentally wrote a tiny essay on the subject.

Paul Graham outlines his approach to writing. Pity he didn’t break down that last paragraph thematically. :-|

Computer programming quotes

Date and Time calculation

All About Monads: A comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of monadic programming in Haskell

Something extra that might help those with difficulty understanding Monads.

Ajax forest, Remote Scripting trees

I’d something written up like this a few days back, but Brent Ashley does a much better job than my rant. People, please: get over yourselves, stop ranting on about Ajax, and get back to coding. It’s nothing new, nothing original, it’s just hype. Thank you.

The U.N. thinks about tomorrow's cyberspace

The International Telecommunications Union wants to get its grubby hands on the Intarweb. I don’t think so.