Inklings: a tumblelog

Insects and Entropy

On the importance of KISS in Software Engineering.

A CSS styled calendar

Doing it well.

CSS Optimiser

The Thumb-sized Heart of TK the Cat

Even if you don’t like cats, if this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you have no heart.


An Eclipse plugin in-the-making that aims to make it as easy to navigate around large projects as small ones. Read the paper too.

Multi-threaded JavaScript

Code Snippets

Post snippets of code. Sort by tags, people, people and tags, &c..

You know, I just might.

PHP Naive Bayesian Filter

Explaining Test Driven Development to a non-techie

Tagging isn't Classifying, And Other Uses of Tags.

Matching on data intersection across a many-to-many join with Ruby on Rails

FindBugs - A Bug Pattern Detector for Java


Attention.XML is an XML file (specifically an XOXO file) that contains an outline of feeds/blogs, where each feed itself is an outline, and each post is also an outline under the feed. This hierarchical outline structure is then annotated with per-feed and per-post information which captures such information as, the last time the feed/post was accessed, the duration of time spent on the feed/post, recent times of feed/post access, user set (dis)approval of posts, etc.

How Not to Write FORTRAN in Any Language

Trees in SQL: Nested Sets and Materialized Path

Logical Fallacies

Table Body Scroller

The Skeptic's Dictionary

Markdown + Make versus Microsoft Word

Why are all the nice guys gay?

You mean why are the only guys you find non-threatening the ones with no possible ulterior motives to sleep with you? Yeah, the mind boggles.

Sums it up, really. :-)

Continuations for Curmudgeons

Now really, if you don’t understand them after this I’d give up programming.

Mach II for PHP

Embedding images inside the source of a HTML page

Now that is useful.

Colorization Using Optimization

More neatness. The basic idea behind this is that neighbouring areas of the similar luminescense will typically be the same hue. I think there’s interesting applications of this to image compression.

Web Continuations

Ruby on Rails and FastCGI: Scaling using processes instead of threads

Writing a good book proposal for me

Jim Minatel, a Wrox editor, explains how you’d convince him to get your book published. And there was me under the impression that Wrox will publish any old crap they can get out the door in under a month… ;-)

The Principles of Programming Language Design

The Zero, One, Infinity Rule

The Tragically Neglected Economics of Abundance

Questionable Content: Like Petting a Tiger

“But it better be a chaste hug or my bitch instincts will take over and you’ll be hurled into traffic.” “Caveat Amplexus. Gotcha.” Jeph’s got to have one of the best webcomics out there right now. My only complaint is the distinct lack of Pintsize recently (that last one with him was filler so it doesn’t count).

My gaff on Google Maps!


How to create Firefox extensions

Inforporn suite with RSS

Another fellow RISC OS user! I must get back into the scene some time.

Bastard Tetris

Just to make things harder, it chooses the worst possible block to throw at you each time.

Version Control Shenanigans

APress's Practical Common Lisp Online

Yup, the whole book. Go and take a look. For those who’d dismiss this because it’s to do with Lisp, I’d like to point out that “conventional” programming languages are becoming more and more like Lisp all the time. Lisp, in one form or another, is the language of the future.

rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client

Somewhat related to this post in my weblog.