Inklings: a tumblelog

CSS Organization Tip 1: Flags

Neat way of organising your CSS to make stuff easier to find.

So that's how he does it!

Sam Ruby reveals something that’s been puzzling me for a while: how he tracks referring pages without needing the likes of Trackback or Pingback. It turns out it’s some magic involving Referer header and Technorati. Is Trackback dead? Maybe, but I smell a second coming. :-)

URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST

I have no pity for the people who were bitten by GWA. None. However, it does point out how shoddy HTML forms are be and how dumb it was for HTML to mandate the use of only two of the HTTP verbs.


A “structural” programming language. Quite odd, and quite interesting. It reminds me more than a little of spreadsheets though.

John Cowan has a blog

John’s a veritable fountain of knowledge. ‘Bout time he got himself a blog.

Dive Into Greasemonkey

Mark’s at it again!

JavaScript Optimisations

Bram Cohen interview

Didn’t know he was an aspie.

Frank Zappa's Proposal For A System To Replace Ordinary Record Merchandising

The future as seen by Frank Zappa. In 1983. And he was right.

How I implemented tags: a denormalized approach

I will do this for my weblog. I will do this for my weblog. I will do this for my weblog. I will do this for my weblog…

Doom Legacy

A superior engine for playing all your old WADs

Free Launch Bar

Been using this for a while now. It’s an excellent replacement for the Windows Quick Launch Bar.

Western Corridor to reopen!

Woohoo! After years for waiting for it, those asshats in Dublin have seen sense and given the west back a rail line. The sooner they do it, the better.

Red 5

A flash game recreation of Luke’s cavern run from Star Wars.

Higher Order JavaScript

Worth it for the memoize() function.

Algorithm 123: STV by Meek's Method

Quickstart Guide To Open Source Development With CVS and SourceForge

Bloody hell! This is exactly what I was looking for when I started fiddling with stuff on SourceForge. Nifta!

Piracy is Good?

BitTorrent contributed to making BSG the SciFi Channel’s highest-rated show: what does this say about piracy?

Capitalization Rules for Titles

Free Pascal

A free cross-platform Pascal compiler. Combined with a bunch of libraries called Lazarus, it’s capable of building Delphi applications with it.

Using behaviours to implement border-radius in IE

Useful, but doesn’t appear to work if your document has a doctype. :-(

Why Can't I Patent My Movie?

Current European patent law and how it relates to software.


Raza Microelectronics Introduces Industry's First Thread Processor Designed for Connected Computing

Far more interesting than Cell processors, IMHO.


A small, simple C++ XML parser.

Why Crunch Mode Doesn't Work: 6 Lessons

Interesting Things to Know about MySQL

Range Encoding

An alternative to Arithmetic Encoding and Huffman Encoding that’s more efficient than the latter, and unencumbered by patents, unlike the former.

Transparent custom corners and borders

Uses JS to make it work universally, but in a good way.