Inklings: a tumblelog

Beyond Ada: The First Paranoid Programming Language


OpenSSH for Windows

No need for Cygwin. Hurray!

Upgrade Your Select Element to a Combo Box

Implementing combo boxes in HTML forms.


Payoff Pressure Pareto Planner

Object-Oriented Event Listening through Partial Application in JavaScript

Simple Integration of Ant and Subversion

Installing Derby on ColdFusion

European Parliament Rejects Software Patents


The Gloriously Relaxed European Work Ethic

And better for it. Sure, it might lead to a lower per capita GDP if measured by year (rather than by hour worked), but it’s better to work to live than live to work.

Bomb blast in London Underground

This is sick!

Video of The Chalet's song "Feel the Machine"


My Battlefield 2 stats.

My account seems to break Dan’s code, probably ‘cause I haven’t been able to play it enough. I’ve a lot of practice to do!

Ten Essential Development Practices

Crazy Frog Baseball

There’s nothing better than beating the wee fecker to death. Me? Evil? Noo!

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

The weasel is at it again. Does he not realise that this treaty is unconstituional, infringing on our fundamental rights as guaranteed by the constitution? It infringes on my right to privacy, right to fair procedures, right to personal piberty (most importantly), and (potentially, given the current US Attorney General) right to bodily integrity. I’m disgusted!

XBoard and WinBoard

Two interfaces for the likes of crafty and GNU chess.

Chess Engine Communication Protocol

Gorilla Cursor Thief

Excellent wee flash game. And you don’t need to know japanese to understand it.

Exact String Matching Algorithms

How to get positive results from calls to support hotlines/callcentres

PEP 333: Python Web Server Gateway Interface v1.0


Next Action is a Getting Things Done todo-list tracking tool. It’s a personal database for your GTD info.

And it’s all JavaScript.

Weak Brits, Tough French

So maybe the French aren’t so “run and hide” as some make them out to be.

The NATO Software Engineering Conferences

Thirty-five years later, and we still haven’t learned anything. :-(

Good Experience Games

A bunch of most excellent online games.

Password Hashing

PEAR PHP Coding Standards

The Horde Project


Drools is a Rules Engine implementation based on Charles Forgy’s Rete algorithm tailored for the Java language.

MS SQL Server to FireBird migration


A free Paradroid clone.

Getting Over Bad Habits

As a programmer, that is.

Continuations != continuations

Direct Manipulation Using JavaScript and CSS

Editing in place is something I want in my blog, dogdamnit! :-)

Smart vs. Dumb Templates

I have a reader!

So who are you, mysterious individual? :-)

Adobe/Macromedia deal gets scrutiny from DOJ

"Hints on Programming Language Design" by C.A.R Hoare

A quick overview of Lexical-Functional Grammar

Only of interest if you like linguistics or the like.

Atom 1.0 Draft Specification

Programming the Atari 2600

Old Kuro5hin article. I’m doing a link cleanup.

Multithreaded Programming: Improving Performance through Threads (pthreads Tutorial)

Threading is Evil: Making it easier to multiplex IO

Software Engineering Proverbs

From an old Multician

Three Questions About Each Bug You Find

Who Do We Work For?


Styling forms so that they don’t look like ass.

Hitting the High Notes

Joel Spolsky on programmer quality.

Shoring Up the Western Front

Some ignorant spiel from the WSJ, attempting to make out that after thousands of years of war and terrorism on, against, and between various european countries, that we’ve all given up, shut up shop, and are letting terrorists ride roughshod over us. This stinks of propaganda.

JSAN, the JavaScript Archive Network

Google CodeJam 2005

I’ll try not to make such a mess of things this time around. ;-)


A webserver, writting in JavaScript. Schweet!


Open Source vector art proggy.

IRA to disband!

Wonderful news, and it’s been coming for a long time. The official statement is online too. Aside: if clueless oik decides to pin this on Bush and the Warunterer, I’ll slap them one.

Messaging is the Right Way to Build a Distributed System


Worth it for the look on Bill Gates’ face.