Inklings: a tumblelog

JUnit Antipatterns

Another practical use for JavaScript closures

Using them to implement private methods.


After a quick peek, this appears to be one of the nicer JS libraries out there.

Adam Bosworth's Database Requirements in the Age of Scalable Services

To listen to later.

Standards and CSS in IE 7 beta 1

Hurray! It appears the IE team are on the right track when it comes to fixes. Here’s hoping they keep going this way.

Drool… :-)

Was Darwin Wrong?

Making Your RSS Feed Look Pretty in a Browser

A Difference of Design

The difference between the way management do problem solving and the way designers and engineers do it.

Macromedia Drops FreeHand from Next Product Duite

I guess this was inevitable.

What Business Can Learn from Open Source

Interesting, but don’t forget the salt.


A Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container.

Knowing Knowleged

John Cowan on the difference between justified belief and actual knowledge.

iPod Subway Maps

Another good reason to have an iPod Photo. Still, it’s strange that the most iconic underground system in the world isn’t there: the London Underground.

Card Sorting

That’d be the Information Architecture variety.

Don't Use Email Like a Stupid Person

The first step–using plain text in emails–is something that I’ve been harping on about for years now. Using plain text rather than HTML for emails isn’t just a matter of taste, but a matter of safety for you and those you correspond with. That goes for everything from personal mail to mailshots sent out by sites. It’s like talking to the wall.

Ring Species

In biology, ring species present an interesting problem for those who seek to divide the living world into discrete species.

Ithaca HOURS

Touches on something I find interesting: community currencies. If you find that interesting, also go learn about negative-interest currencies like the worgl schilling.

Quake III Source to Be GPL'd

Bush administration objects to .xxx domains

It’s as if the US government want ICANN taken off their hands…

Ruby, Python, Power

The Hermes Minishuttle

I didn’t know that ESA ever had a shuttle program. Interesting…

CSV: Not as easy to parse as you'd think.

Why Good Programmers Are Lazy and Dumb

Running Windows with No Services

Build Your Own Forth

Null Convention Logic for Asynchronous Design