Inklings: a tumblelog

Printing a Book with CSS: Boom!

Happy Birthday Woody Allen

Holy crap! I share the same birthday as him!

DUnit: Delphi Unit Testing Framework

Taking Firefox 1.5 for a ride with SVG and Canvas

I downloaded and installed Firefox 1.5 last night, and after seeing this, all I can say is holy crap!

Libxml for Win32

Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)

Read the letter that won the internet governance battle

In which somebody reveals they have a clue about the Internet. Paragraph 3 reads not unlike some sections of the “Cluetrain Manifesto=””.

Questionable Content No. 505: The Talk, part 6

Marten is the man!

RFC 4287: The Atom Syndication Format


Markdown: Syntax


Site on Mandarin romanisations.

Card Toss

Funky little Flash game.

Cool effect with the canvas element

Juggler (Flash Game)

Gaah! Damn you, Caoimhe! ;-)

Cute Overload

The name says it all, really. Move over, Kitten War!

The Confederate War 1642-1653

Blue Hussars

The Wrathful Dispersion controversy: A Canadian perspective

Excellent (and funny) parody of Intelligent Design. Casts language change in the role of natural selection.


A search engine exclusively for the Irish language. The results are good, even if the presentation could be better.

Open Source OLAP Options

The Craft of Prolog (Book) The definitive guide to C64 remixes

Catching Up with the Atom Publishing Protocol

Which Action Hero Would You Be?

I got Neo?! WTF?!

Fluent Interfaces

Best blonde joke evah!

I think this ranks as about the best one I’ve ever heard or read.

Classic Sonic Youth MP3s

CanvasGraph.js: Graphing in Javascript

Leak Free Javascript Closures

Cards, Table, and Whiteboard: The Ultimate Planning Tool

Finding duplicate code with PMD's Copy/Paste Detector (CPD)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Top 7 PHP Security Blunders

Regenerating the session id on login is one I hadn’t heard of before, but I’ll use it from now on. But turning magic quotes on? That’s just moronic. The only truly safe way of doing things right is to use prepared statements (or simulate them).

The Seven Stages of Expertise in Software Engineering

Silk Icon Set

Schweet and free!

Why Java (and almost every other programming language) sucks

HOWTO: Be More Productive

Good and Bad Procrastination

Guilty as charged!

Wankel Rotary Engine

Traits: Composable Units of Behavior


An Operational Foundation for Delimited Continuations in the CPS Hierarchy

Linked to for the rather good explaination of delimited/composable/partial continuations further down in the comments.

How anti-American are the French?

Not all that much, says The Economists, but the situation is more complex than anybody gives it credit for. Read the analysis on AFOE in the via link.

Bill Biggart's Final Exposures on 2001-9-11

These are incredible:

When Chip East was handed the bag containing Biggart’s gear by his widow, Wendy, he was convinced that no pictures had survived. The avalanche of falling debris had blown off the backs of the two film cameras. There were several rolls of film in Biggart’s bag; however, the lids of the film canisters had been peeled back, allowing light to fall into the cassettes. Finally, East turned his attention to the digital camera. It was covered by ash. The lens had been sheared off at the flange. But when he opened the chamber that held the compact flash card, it was pristine.

Canvas in IE

Well, VML had to be good for something, didn’t it?