Inklings: a tumblelog

Crit-bit trees

An alternative to hashtables.

Salted Hashes Demystified

If you’re writing a system that stores passwords as plaintext or simply hashes them, please read this!

Security tips for web developers


Absolute and Relative Paths in MSHTML

Preventing the IE WYSIWYG editor from making all the paths absolute.

Processing XML with Java by Elliot Rusty Harold

Securing a MySQL Server on Windows

Named Pipe in NT (Sample Code)

Visualization of the Shepard Effect

Much like MC Escher’s picture ‘Treppauf und treppab’ portrays the optical illusion of a never ending staircase, the Shepard effect is an acoustical illusion that gives the listener the impression of an endlessly rising melody.

reform - Third millenium syntax for Perl 5 OOP

Writing serious Perl: The absolute minimum you need to know

Everything Your Professor Failed to Tell You About Functional Programming

Test Driven Development with ASP.Net and the Model View Presenter Pattern

Understanding memory usage on Linux

Vocal Voter

An effort to make it easier for Irish citizens to get in touch with their public representatives and government in general.

JSON/T - Transforming JSON

It had to happen, I guess!

Games from Within: A Day in the Life

An example of Extreme Programming as it’s meant to be done at a game company. And they do regular hours!

Face op woman braves media glare

To say I’m amazed by this whole thing would be an extreme understatement.

slayeroffice: Alternatives to innerHTML

The Old New Thing : Viewing function composition as transformation of the domain

Lisp in a Box

Yours, Mine and Ours

Melancholy Elephants by Spider Robinson

Weapons of Business Destruction: How a tiny little "patent troll" got BlackBerry in a headlock

What is software engineering

Google Local - 54.0333° N 8.9000° W


I Am Not a Straussian by Robert Kagan

OO, TDD, and Agile processes are all good, but better get the basic things right too

Flow: How action and awareness get things done

Unix as programming language | Lambda the Ultimate

Escape from the Universe

The universe is destined to end. Before it does, could an advanced civilisation escape via a ‘wormhole’ into a parallel universe? The idea seems like science fiction, but it is consistent with the laws of physics and biology. Here’s how to do it.

Overkill: The Latest Trend in Policing

Yes kids, the increased militarisation of police in the US is something I think nearly everybody can agree is a disturbing development .

Broadband Choices in Ireland

A bit late for me, but worth a read.

Dissecting MySQL Fulltext Indexing

Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation by Shriram Krishnamurthi

Full book for download in PDF form.

Top Ten of Programming Advice to NOT follow

Bill de hÓra: Subversion tips: working with branches

Event Driven IO JavaScript Hack in the new GTalk (in GMail)

C++ Reference Guide > The Rise & Fall of Object Orientation

Microsoft XML Diff and Patch 1.0

TCAL: HL2 Rube Goldberg device


Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Yahoo! UI Library

The library IS the programming language

Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle

Type Design Guidelines for Reusable .NET Libraries

Characterizing People as Non-Linear, First-Order Components in Software Development

Ultimately, all semantic identifiers are incorrect

CodeGuru: ATL Tear-Off Interfaces

(NSFW) Star Wars: Mace Windu uncensored

Marcel Berlins: [UK] Government seeks to pass laws without parliament's approval

Tony and Gordon set their eyes on becoming hegamons by passing an “Abolition of Parliament” Bill. No, I’m not exaggerating. Goodbye democracy in the UK, hello one-party state!

America's Long War

US government finally admits the Warunterrr is never going to end. Is there really anybody out there who still believes that this isn’t just a big con-job to keep people afraid and distracted?

[UK] MPs back ban on glorifying terror

It appears that now I as an Irishman cannot commemorate the 1916 Rising on April 24th without turning myself into a criminal. And if you’re an American, consider what this means for July 4th.

svncommand.vim - Subversion (svn) integration plugin : vim online


MemoRanda: Things I Didn't Learn Series

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe has written a series of ‘Things I didn’t learn’ blog entries that relate experiences he had pre-XP with XP practices and principles. He has a slyly self-deprecating style that exposes a problem/solution with some element of surprise to it. There is conflict, mystery, adversity, and challenge in the situations he describes.

Technologist Manifesto..., or Things Everyone in IT Should Know

Cenqua Clover Code Coverage for Java

.Not, the .Net hall of shame

I want anonymous inner classes (or closures) and I want them now.

RUnit: A web-based NUnit test harness

Tesseract OCR

A commercial quality OCR engine originally developed at HP between 1985 and 1995. In 1995, this engine was among the top 3 evaluated by UNLV. It was open-sourced by HP and UNLV in 2005.

10 Things a Web Developer should do for the Client

Eric Wise : "Transactional" Database Structures

In the post, he talks about database structures where you only add and never delete, so you have a full record of what changes have been made to the data. Think version control on your records.

How to Survive a Software Rewrite

Playing Together Nicely: Getting REST and SOAP to Share Each Other's Toys

Too much complexity stifling web services

MSDN2 Library

Holy crap! A version of MSDN that doesn’t suck complete ass! An interface that work in Firefox; proper URLs; how did that happen?

Pentatonic scale

Katamari Damacy Minigame

Sonic the Hedgehog Piano

A guy plays the music of Sonic the Hedgehog on a piano. It translates pretty well.

NCover - Code Coverage for .NET

…which integrates nicely with NUnit and TestDriven.NET.

Web log: Invalidating Caches with POST

jDBI 2.0 In Progress

Lookin’ sweet! - Sony Sets Its Sights On Digital Books

…because the DRM stunt they tried backfired horribly on them. Ha-ha! If they think they can try the same with books, they’ve another thing coming.

Current style in web design

JAR Hell

O'Reilly Radar > Hidden order in the Balinese 'religion of water'

“Religion” is the wrong word, “order” would be better. Worth reading as an example of how order can spontaneously appear in nature, and of how convention can easily trumps technology.

Silent Universe (Podcast Novel)

Haven’t listened to it, but I’ve heard good things, and the blurb on the front page is encouraging.


Looks nice!

Sci Fi Wire: Babylon 5's Katsulas Dies


Prototype Dissected

Cheatsheet posters for the Prototype library.

What == How

One of the premises of writing user-stories for XP and other agile methods is the that story–as written–should not get into implementation details. However, the conversations between Customer/Product Owner and Developer and Tester can and should concern themselves with implementation details.

Jim Starkey (creator of InterBase/Firebird) joined MySQL AB

Which, in my mind, is a definite signal from MySQL that they’re going to make sure that if Oracle think they can push them about, they’re going to get a surprise.

Ionic Url Rewriter for IIS

No nasty dependencies, uses PCRE (fast), covered by the BSD license. Sweet!

NMock: A Dynamic Mock Object Library for .NET

What causes SOAP interop problems?

Enterprise .NET Community: Aspect Orienting .NET Components

Fun, but only something I could see myself doing once in a blue moon, or for fun.

C#: Create Elegant Code With Anonymous Methods, Iterators, And Partial Classes -- MSDN Magazine, Visual Studio 2005 Guided Tour

They’re flippin’ closures, not anonymous methods! Phfth!

Martin Fowler: GetterEradicator

Here, here! A pox on accessors, I say!

Postal Service remix of Feist's Mushaboom

I’m not a big fan of the original song, but this is pretty damned good! (Disclaimer: I’m a Postal Service fan, so I’m a bit biased here.)

Troubles with Asynchronous Ajax Requests and PHP Sessions

I posted a few comments on why PHP has this problem, how to fix it, and what needs to be done on the client side to avoid it. I might expand on what I wrote there and turn it into a blog post.

Using Visual Studio to develop with Mono - Miguel de Icaza

Jemplate: A Template Toolkit for Javascript

I’m not a big fan of Template Toolkit, but this looks like fun.

Bill Clementson's Blog: The Most Important Idea in Computer Science Building Recursive Descent Parsers with Python

The Community At Large -- Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee

This is incredible! I don’t know how they made it, but it’s perfect. And the true champion wins in the end.

Ireland trounce Wales in the Six Nations 31-5

Hurray! At least that’s something to be happy about after the riots.