Inklings: a tumblelog

Why Diffie-Hellman rocks so much.

Two Weeks Vacation is only a Recommendation, not a Rule


To rewrite or not to rewrite, that is the question

ETags: This stuff matters

Typography: A Textbook of Design

Must buy.

Purely Functional Data Structures

Also to buy.

nopaste: pastebin with syntax highlighting

The Programmer's Bill of Rights

Simplify Your Life with Apache Virtual Hosts

Nginx Virtual Host Example

DNS Oversimplified

How To Forward Email with Aliases and Virtusertable for sendmail under Linux

Showdown: a javascript port of Markdown

Programming Erlang

Kick ass! The Prags are publishing a book by Mr. Erlang himself, Joe Armstrong.

How to be better at almost anything

Divert Your Course

Niall IM’d this to me. Sums up a lot, I think.


mod_evasive is an evasive manoeuvres module for Apache to provide evasive action in the event of an HTTP DoS or DDoS attack or brute force attack. It is also designed to be a detection and network management tool, and can be easily configured to talk to ipchains, firewalls, routers, and etcetera. mod_evasive presently reports abuses via email and syslog facilities.

Very cool.


Lua/FastCGI based web application framework

Unix shell script for removing duplicate files

Should work with a couple of small tweaks on FreeBSD.


FDUPES is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files residing within specified directories.

7 Habits For Effective Text Editing 2.0

Microsoft's antivirus deletes users' e-mails

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

RESTful transactions (a speculation)

Been dealing with this at work too.

Why a career in computer programming sucks


Test Driven Development

A pre-publication copy of James Shore’s forthcoming book ‘The Art of Agile Development’. Good overview, even if you’ve not interested in XP or agile development in general.

Practical rc.d scripting in BSD

A Note To Employers: 8 Things Intelligent People, Geeks and Nerds Need To Work Happily

If only…

Desktop WallPaper: White Trees

Sweet! New work wallpaper.

Resource and Representation

Puzzled why Bill didn’t publish this in the first place. Good clear explaination of what resources and respresentations are, and it’s nice to see my slightly glib though far from insincere explaination of ‘hypertext as the engine of application state’ confirmed.

ROA Maturity Model


Tree traversal without recursion: the tree as a state machine

UK Judge Rules That Selling Consumers Cheaper CDs Is Illegal

Capitalists are only capitalists as long as it’s to their advantage. As soon as it’s not, they turn into corporate socialists.

PHP: Training wheels without the bike

Too damned true.

PHC: The Open Source PHP Compiler

When it’s done, it’ll be capable of compiling PHP down to native code.

REST Tips: Prefer following links over URI construction

Block Helpers and DRY Views in Rails

One of the nicest things about PHP is custom tags. It’s nice to be able to do much the same thing in Ruby with blocks.

Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'

REST Tip: Deep etags give you more benefits

How to build and use ETags for maximum effect.

Rules For JavaScript Library Authors

Right on, captain!

Top 6 List of Programming Top 10 Lists

Annoying spammers with pf and spamd

This is brilliantly evil!

Dijkstra's "A review of the 1977 Turing Award Lecture by John Backus" (PDF)

Didn’t know about this paper. Go read Backus’s lecture too while you’re at it.

An Experiment with pi-calculus and Programming Language Design

A plea for Sanity

This should be read by anybody contemplating using XML namespaces. It explains how to use them without being a bozo.

Why Functional Programming Matters

A classic, go read it if you haven’t already.

Mein Sweeper

To evil!

Free Acorn Archimedes games

Kick ass! ArcElite and Hamsters are there, along with Phaethon and a bunch of other great ones. Now all I have to do is figure out where I can get an Archimedes emulator that’ll run on FreeBSD…

Masters of the Universe

About the making of the single best game ever create: Elite.

SVK/gettext Issues

FFS! If this is what’s been causing SVK to dump core each time I do anything with it, I’ll be mightily pissed off.

RIPE 54 in Tallinn