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Effective A/B Testing

Statistical Analysis and A/B Testing | 20bits

Hypothesis Testing: The Basics | 20bits

Spyced: All you ever wanted to know about writing bloom filters

An Introduction to A/B Testing | 20bits

Split A/B testing


The cfdump tag is one of the few things I really miss about ColdFusion. This does the same thing in PHP.


Xinc is a continuous integration server written in PHP 5.

Not sure if I like that it may depend on Phing, but I’ll check it out.

Kyle Gabler's Portfolio: World of Goo Soundtrack


Winter Driving Tips

For when I actually have a car!

Command-line Fu < The best UNIX commands on the web

Like Digg, but for CLI one-liners and the like.

JSONovich :: Firefox Add-ons

Pretty-prints and colorises JSON content in Firefox.

A gentle overview of Kamaelia or "it's axon, stupid"

Get with the program as contextmanager

The with statement is one of the best things Python 2.5 introduced (even if it was in the __future__ module).

SSH Programming with Paramiko

Always intended to fiddle around with this, but never really had a pressing need.

Tv's cobweb: Snakepit and gitosis, things I've been working on

HiveDB is an open source framework for horizontally partitioning MySQL systems. Building scalable and high performance MySQL-backed systems requires a good deal of expertise in designing the system and implementing the code. One of the main strategies for scaling MySQL is by partitioning your data across many servers. While it is not difficult to accomplish this, it is difficult to do it in such a way that the system is easily maintained and transparent to the developer.

Public Git Hosting - rox-lithium.git/summary

I’ve made a lot of tweaks to Lithium so it can run on my machine, including HAL support.

Common HTTP Implementation Problems

Recreating the button | stopdesign

This made me simultaneously go ‘whoa!’ and ‘ewww!’–it’s very impressive though.

Bug 478431 - re-implementation (in python) for fedora-setup-keyboard which respects user settings

May help me fix the keymap problems I’m having with xorg-server 1.5.3. Stupid HAL.

GitHub Pages

Sure, it only support static files, but this is still a damned nifty idea!

pytyrant - Google Code

Pure python client implementation of the Tokyo Tyrant protocol

Maintaining Files on Plan 9 with Mk

Mk is a tool for describing and maintaining dependencies between files. It is similar to the UNIX program make, but provides several new capabilities. Mk’s flexible rule specifications, implied dependency derivation, and parallel execution of maintenance actions are well-suited to the Plan 9 environment. Almost all Plan 9 maintenance procedures are automated using mk.

makebootable - What and why and how to do it manually | Haiku Project

Because I’d like to try out Haiku some day. BeOS was pretty cool back in the day.

Non-Hierarchical Management

I 100% agree with this.

Sed - An Introduction and Tutorial

Sed and I do not get along.

[all variants] [SOLVED] dual head with nv or nouveau? - Ubuntu Forums

May solve the problems I have at work with my nVidia card.

UUID generator for PHP

A solid looking implementation of the algorithms specified in RFC4122.


I wonder if this’d work for those awful 3G/HSDPA dongles you can get from Irish mobile telcos.

3G/HSDPA cards supported by FreeBSD

Lessons Learned: Work in small batches

Programmers and Sadomasochism

C* Music Player Audioscrobbler/ patch

cmus is a pretty damned good ncurses-based music player, BTW.

If programmers had to make planes

Painfully true to life.

NitroTracker - A Fasttracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS