Inklings: a tumblelog

No Entrepreneurs, No Recovery

Almost all new U.S. jobs created come from firms less than five years old. The same data hold true in Ireland. No entrepreneurs, no recovery.

Understanding Git Conceptually

A Whirlwind Excursion through Python C Extensions

Working with virtualenv

Continuous deployment in 5 easy steps

Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop

I actually got a little teary when I saw this! It’s like an SX 64, but, but… vaguely practical!

Mapreduce Bash Script

Very cool!

"Happy Up Here" by Röyksopp

Testing Vimeo embedding and that the site’s code doesn’t chew up Unicode code points. Good song too!


A graphing/visualisation toolkit built on top of the <canvas> element.

Playing with Haskell - HTTP server

Nice! A pretty featureful HTTP server in just under 160 lines of code.

Making Haskell programs faster and smaller

Avoiding laziness where it’s neither needed nor desirable.

Refactor My Code

A site where people post up code and invite others to critique and refactor it.

MogileFS client in PHP

There’s a document management system at work that could benefit from using MogileFS for file storage.


A Firebug extension that tracks changes to a pages DOM and CSS.

TDD Anti-Patterns

Programmer Competency Matrix