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A stupid couple abuse a Glen Hansard lookalike

A short sketch by my cousin Kenny that he did with friends of his from his media course. Pretty funny!

Thread pool mixin class for use with SocketServer.TCPServer

I like the basic idea, though I can think of a few ways to improve it, not least of which would be to alter it to remove the need for daemon threads and to do server shutdown cleanly.

RFC 3454 - Preparation of Internationalized Strings ("stringprep")

PECL :: Package :: intl

An extension that exposes the fuctionality of the International Components for Unicode library in PHP. Saved me a tonne of trouble today.

The Standardization of Irish Spelling: an Overview

ports/144955: Mk/ PyPI mirror URLs are given incorrectly (missing trailing slashes)

FreeBSD PR I submitted and am tracking.

ports/144957: devel/py-gevent: Upgrade to 0.12.2

FreeBSD PR I submitted and am tracking.

tecosystems: Why I Am Against Software Patents

Delayed sleep phase syndrome

ambroff / greenlet / overview -

Hurray! greenlet has been resurrected and version 0.3 released.


Creole is a common wiki markup language to be used across different wikis.

JSPWiki: Wiki RPC Interface

This is an XML-RPC interface for Wikis, so that you can do all sorts of interesting scripting and stuff.

nd - Tiny little command line WebDAV interface.

People think I hate programming. Nope. What I hate is fording endless rivers of horseshit that are in the way of seemingly simple tasks. And I hate it even more when I have to explain to a non-programmer what I am doing, “building LXML against a different version of libiconv because I think it might be the source of a crash”.

“But all I asked you to do was parse some documents.”

Good times.

Ted Dziuba

Redis weekly update #3 - Pub/Sub and more

That removes much of my reasoning behind working on a language-agnostic version of TheSchwartz. Hmmm…