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Indie music mogul: The net's great for us - The Register

There’s a man with some common sense!

9 Reasons to Review Code

[…] The most obvious reason software developers review code is to discover defects when it’s cheapest to fix them: before the software moves through its lifecycle to QA or to customers. Studies show bugs found in development are 8-12X less expensive to find and fix than those found in QA, and 30-100X less expensive to find and fix before they reach customers!. And a NASA study found that code review detected almost twice as many defects per hour as testing.

But code review provides additional benefits beyond finding bugs sooner and saving money fixing them.

Down With This Sort Of Thing: Online Extortion

Concerning IMRO’s recent bout of licensing stupidity.


The dateutil module provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module, available in Python 2.3+.

An alternative to using mxDateTime and company, I guess.

Setting up a Maemo 5 Python Development Environment

Babbage and Lovelace - Albion: 1849


The Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)

Get it! There’s some fantastic games there, you can pay what you like (I slapped down 30USD, but you don’t event have to pay that much), and the money goes to two good causes. And did I mention that all the games run on Linux, MacOS, and Windows? They do! As of now, the offer’s open for another seven hours and forty-five minutes.

8 Websites You Need to Stop Building - The Oatmeal


Dead Space 2 Preview - Eurogamer

Sounds good! Isaac’s shiny new suit isn’t turning him into what appeared to be a kind of supersoldier, and there’s no errand running this time around. I wonder if any of the characters from Dead Space: Extraction will show up?

Brian Cowen Lost in Europe

Biffo, looking like the dozy twat he is! (HTML5 version)

That brings back memories!

HOWTO : Bluetooth Tethering with Nokia N900

Dunnes Subvertisment

IRMA, Eircom and the Death of Freedom