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5 foods it's cheaper to grow yourself

The Weave

Details of a fictional metaphysical construct binding all of creation together that I developed for a series of stories I intended to write (and still might), until I heard about Moorcock’s Eternal Champion in College, a device too close to the idea behind the Weft for my comfort.

Carlow, Ireland - Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for the whole year

If Slalom

One of my most hated code antipatterns. Whenever I see this, I want to yell at the person who wrote it to either flatten their code and/or break it up into separate functions.

SQL gotchas

This is the result of an instant message I started writing that blossomed into a short article. Just two items so far, but I’ll expand on them. There are many other such articles on them thar intarwebs.

Making your own cloth-covered banana cables

Clickcheck and Peckcheck

Common Lisp and Python ports of Haskell’s QuickCheck library.

Revenge of the Introvert - Psychology Today

There are as many introverts as extraverts, but you’d never know it by looking around. Introverts would rather be entertained by what’s going on in their heads than in seeking happiness. Their big challenge is not to feel like outsiders in their own culture.


mod_sass is a module for Apache web server. It compiles Sass stylesheets into CSS automatically when the sass stylesheet is requested by a clients browser. It also includes its own cache so that the CSS is only compiled when the SASS is modified.