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Console Hacking 2010: PS3 Elliptic Curve use epic fail

Secure Remote Password protocol

A password-authenticated key agreement protocol:

The SRP protocol has a number of desirable properties: it allows a user to authenticate themselves to a server, it is resistant to dictionary attacks mounted by an eavesdropper, and it does not require a trusted third party. It effectively conveys a zero-knowledge password proof from the user to the server. In revision 6 of the protocol only one password can be guessed per connection attempt. One of the interesting properties of the protocol is that even if one or two of the cryptographic primitives it uses are attacked, it is still secure. […]

[It] creates a large private key shared between the two parties in a manner similar to Diffie–Hellman, then verifies to both parties that the two keys are identical and that both sides have the user’s password. […] It is also independent of third parties, unlike Kerberos. The SRP protocol, version 3 is described in RFC 2945.


Sshguard monitors servers from their logging activity. When logs convey that someone is doing a Bad Thing, sshguard reacts by blocking he/she/it for a bit. Sshguard has a touchy personality: when a naughty tyke insists disturbing your host, it reacts firmer and firmer.

Considering using this in concert with PF to keep dovecot and sshd happy and free from abuse on lir.

Sudo make me a sandwich stub code

MuttWiki: MuttGuide/UseIMAP

Clear explanation of how to use IMAP with mutt.

WineHQ - Deus Ex 1.x

I needed to do a bit of tweaking to get my GOTY edition of DeusEx running under Wine. It’s covered it. What a great game!

Top 50 Best Free Fonts


An open source VMS clone. Looks like it’d be fun to play around with, and there are virtual machine images for Qemu, which is a massive bonus.

Mini Fake DNS server « Python recipes « ActiveState Code

Will be useful for a project at work. It responds with the same A record regardless of the domain queried. Extend it cover SOA records, and we’re sorted.

MicroDNS: Give an IP to any query

Another one along the same lines as the previous one. This one’s by the author of MaraDNS, and like the previous one, it doesn’t do SOA records, but it is written in C, which is a plus. Should be easily patchable to support a couple of more record types.

Fallout: Nuka Break

Fantastic fan-made short movie set in the Fallout universe. Bethesda need to give these guys kudos! It would also be great if they made it canon, making Vault 10 part of the universe.

KORG Monotron Schematics

KORG released these earlier today. How cool!