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How to Think about Parallel Programming: Not!

Guy Steele on designing languages so that parallelism is natural.

Dáil visualisation updated for the 31st Dáil

I’ve just updated my Dáil visualisation to account for the changes in representation in the 31st Dáil. I’m currently waiting for the recounts in Laois-Offaly, Galway West and Wicklow to conclude, which may may take a while. When they conclude, I’ll update it with the final results.

Here’s where we are so far:

{{java class=”house.House” href=”” width=”600” height=”250” url=””}}

Assuming I can find the source, I’m intending on tweaking the code this evening to include parties from the previous Dáil that are no longer represented into the percentage-change visualisation.

Update: I’ve updated it with the final results.