Inklings: a tumblelog


A minimalist implementation of protocol buffers in C.

List of DSL patterns


Python bindings for the Sundown Markdown parser.


A high-speed jQuery templating language.

SQL Injection Pocket Reference

notes.vim Easy note taking in Vim

Looks like a good alternative to using Tomboy.


Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery.

Multivariate testing 101: A scientific method of optimising design

This is similar to A/B testing, but its aims and practice aren’t the same.

A Wasteland Guide on How to Play Caravan

I want to learn this came so that I can get those bloody achievements in FO:NV. The in-game explanation didn’t click with me at all.

The Phenomena of Spreadthink, Groupthink, and Erroneous Priorities

Dr. John N. Warfield, the great pioneer of integrative sciences, uses the term “Spreadthink” to describe the outcome of group dialogue infected with behavioral and cognitive constraints. This refers “to the demonstrated fact that when a group of individuals is working on a complex issue in a facilitated group activity, the views of the individual members of the group on the relative importance of problems and/or proposed action options will be literally ‘spread all over the map.’“

The Noun Project

Tonnes and tonnes of generic icons.


An engine being developed for building Minecraftesque games.

Smallest Minecraft block changer

Ubuntu Minimal CD Image

Effectively using Git with Subversion

I intend on doing something along these lines to solve some antipatterns we have at work when it comes to interacting with the central repositories.

Programming and Scaling

A one-hour lecture by Alan Kay. Very much worth watching, but the formats its available in (Realplayer, Flash, bleh) are annoying.

I intend on reading the Bob Barton’s paper, “A New Approach to the Functional Design of Digital Computers”, later.

Functional pearls

Single Static Assignment for functional programmer

Interesting discussion of the correspondence between CPS and SSA, and what both can learn from the other.

Understanding the Git Workflow

This does makes good arguments in favour of rebasing, and proposes a good workflow (assuming your in favour of rebasing) but I still have my own niggling doubts about the practice.


Makes installing stuff from the AUR suck less.

Public Suffix List

A “public suffix” is one under which Internet users can directly register names. Some examples of public suffixes are .com, and The Public Suffix List is a list of all known public suffixes.

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

Introduction to Agda

I must admit, I don’t fully grasp Agda as a language, nor do I quite grasp dependent types, but it does seem interesting, and it seems as if it might be more straightforward conceptually when it clicks with me than Haskell’s type system was.

Warren's Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction

DMA (DragonflyBSD Mailer Agent) GIT repository

I want to patch this to fix some annoyances I have with its local vs remote delivery handling.


Python library for keyring management. Thinking of using it to build a small app for password management to replace the encrypted text file I’ve been using. Might be overkill though.




Nice, self-contained wiki engine that uses Mercurial as a storage backend. Looks ideal for running a notes wiki shared between my machines. The only other major dependency is Werkzeug, with Pygments being a nice-to-have extra if installed. The markup language is Creole 1.0.