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Phantom type

This is very clever. It’s basically a way to tag (for want of a better word) values using the type system to, for instance, distinguish between tainted and untainted data.

Git Cheatsheet

MOBI (Mobipocket) e-book file format

Also includes information on converting EPUB files to MOBI files.

Creating an ebook with pandoc

M83: Midnight City

Rymdreglage: Brainglass


Archive your Commodore floppies (and CMD HD partitions) to your contemporary PC, without the hassles of external parallel ports, IRQ settings, special adapters, bulky cables, or the alphabet soup of disk drive cable adapters. ZoomFloppy replaces all X*-1541 cables with a simple USB-based hardware device guaranteed to work with today’s machines using today’s multitasking operating systems. Simply plug into any free USB port, connect your CBM drive via a serial cable, and transfer data to or from your software collection.

Ho-lee Jeebus!

Prince of Persia for Commodore 64/128 released

Yeah, so it’s been mentioned all over the place already, but I want to keep his for posterity… or at least until I get the hardware so that I can play the disc image on my C64. :-)

textfixtures (Python library)

Looks like it takes a lot of the pain out of some aspects of testing.