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Thinking for Programmers

The thing that gets me about things like TLA+ is that once you’re written the spec, you effectively have the program, so why not just run the spec?

Hosting Git Repositories, the Easy (and Secure) Way

Setting up gitosis. Considering using it to for mirroring my repositories on github and for managing my private repos. The Git handbooks has an article on setting it up too.


A key/value store inspired by LMDB written in pure Go.


Goblet is a fast, easy to customize web frontend for git repositories. It was created because existing alternatives are either not very easy to customize (gitweb), require C programming to do so (cgit), or are tied into other products, such as bugtrackers (redmine, github).

I’m considering switching to this and using git-over-SSH with gitosis as an alternative to RhodeCode, because I’ve just had way too many issues with RhodeCode in the past at work, and git-over-HTTP is just too brittle with it.

It’s marked alpha now, but given it’s only a repo viewer, if it breaks, that’s not a big deal, and it’s straightforward enough that it should pose no issues to fix if it does.

Adaptive inventory for Ansible

The idea here is that rather than storing your node inventory in a single file, you can dynamically pull it in from a database of some kind. I can see it being useful for helping track apps and deployment locations.