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Git: ignore file lines

A neat hack with filters to allow specific lines to be ignored in files. I wish I’d known about this before for some legacy stuff!

Regarding premium and reserved domain lists in new gTLDs

I work for a domain registrar, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking that the situation with the distribution of premium, reserved, and collision domain lists to registrars is a mess.

There’s no consistency in the format these lists are provided. Sometimes we get Excel (xsl and xslx) files, sometimes PDF files, sometimes CSV files, and there’s no consistency to the way these are laid out, so they’re generally not machine readable without some manual intervention. Additionally, there’s no consistency between how the lists are distributed: sometimes it’s via HTTP, sometimes it’s emailed out, sometimes it’s via SFTP, and sometimes we have to beg for them.

What I’m proposing is that, to minimise the aggregate effort for everybody, registries adopt the following for the distribution of domain lists:

Nothing there is remotely difficult to implement for registries, but would make the lives of domain registrars significantly simpler and enable them to automate the process of periodically updating the domain lists they have on file, as well as the pricing of premium domain names. Doing this benefits everybody.

If you have any comments, feel free to reply to this tweet.