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Tim Follin - “Chronos" (ZX Spectrum 48k)

That’s being played through a piezoelectric buzzer that’s being rapidly flipped on and off to do pulse width modulation. But that’s not the clever bit: the clever bit is how the different tracks are being mixed together.

The Sound of 1-bit: Technical Constraint and Musical Creativity on the 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Risc PC, A7000 and A7000+ CMOS rechargeable battery replacement

I have an Acorn A7000 to fix. The CMOS battery has leaked horribly and, even if it hadn’t, it needs to be replaced.

RISC OS ROMs for RiscPC/A7000

I’m slightly surprised the A7000 is still supported!

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations

Exploring x509 by creating a toy PKI

TDEE Calculator

I test in prod

Testing in production is a superpower. It’s our inability to acknowledge it that’s the trouble.

Backpressure explained — the resisted flow of data through software

A Thought Experiment: Using the ECS Pattern Outside of Game Engines

Strategies for Working with Message Queues

I'm not feeling the async pressure

Linux containers in 500 lines of code

Event-Driven Architecture

Petri Nets Are Monoids

You don't need more than one cursor in Vim