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An open source program for controlling the MiniPRO TL866xx series of chip programmers.

This program exists because the manufacturer of the MiniPRO TL866xx series of chip programmers does not provide a program for use on Linux or other flavors of Unix. We who keep this project going prefer a simple, free, and open-source program that presents a command-line interface that allows for a GUI front-end if desired.

This is an alternative to “Using the XGecu TL866II Plus Under Linux with Wine” (via).

Also see radiomanV/TL866.


This is a GAL IC programmer software that allows to program GAL IC chips from various manufacturers. […] Afterburner was written for Linux (also works on Win32/64, Mac OSX64), and requires a serial connection to an Arduino UNO, which does the programming of the GAL chip.

Supported GAL chips:

  • Atmel ATF16V8B, ATF22V10B, ATF22V10CQZ
  • Lattice GAL16V8A, GAL16V8B, GAL16V8D
  • Lattice GAL22V10B
  • National GAL16V8

TL866II+ EEPROM Programmer Review

Upgrading My Acorn A3010

I have two (yes, two) A3010s sitting in my parent’s place. This looks interesting…

HOWTO: Solder by hand

While my first attempt in decades of soldering didn’t go too badly, it was way more frustrating than it should’ve been.

I need to do some reading. And maybe steadier hands.