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Italy’s pasta row: a scientist on how to cook spaghetti properly and save money

Seems like a perfectly good method! If anything, pre-hydrating the spaghetti might make it easier to get the texture just right and avoid overcooking it.

Archimedes Live!

In-browser Acorn Archimedes emulator. It covers a selection of the major machines before the RiscPC arrived on the scene.

How did I not know about this already?!

The Archimedes should be a relatively easy machine to emulate: the ARM3 and earlier have a straightforward ISA, and the MEMC and VIDC chips are the only other complex custom hardware, and are relatively simple for what they manage to do, as the Archimedes was all about raw processor grunt.


Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML

Looking at it as a basis for styling this and other sites better, given how tremendous behind the times I am with CSS.

The community spectrum: caring to combative

Last year one of the designers at my work linked me to The Competitive Spectrum over at the Yahoo Developer Network, and it introduced me to a whole new way of thinking of the variety of communities. It’s part of a larger set of social patterns related to reputation, which is a whole nother subject, but for now I just want to talk about the spectrum itself.

See the original in the Wayback Machine.

Atari 2600 Hardware Design: Making Something out of (Almost) Nothing

You may find the book Racing the Beam interesting, as well as the Stella Programmer’s Guide ( version) too, as well as 8bitworkshop, which has the in-browser Atari 2600 dev environment from Making Games for the Atari 2600.


The Space Station Factory orbiting the planet is undergoing an unprecedented mutiny.

The main computer of the space station UNSS ASAMI has gone rogue during decommissioning and gained control of the guardian droids.

After winning a short battle with the UN army dislocated on Mars, the rebellious mainframe is now pointing the station towards earth with its load of uncontained radioactive material.

You are the android L-3573-R, the first of a new generation of guardian droids independent from a central AI. Given your strengths, you are the only hope to stop this threat and figure out what happened to the station.

A metroidvania for the C64!